In support of Occupy ... Our General Strike

Well Oakland did it, they've called for a general strike.

I can't say that I'm surprised by this.  Cessation of economic activity is an obvious way for us to strike back at the government and the corporations.

Now we are being accused of being a front for the unions and we now have an opportunity to show the accusers just how wrong they are.


We need to do this strike in an occupist fashion.  It needs to be national in scope.  All of the occupy communities (2,212 the last time I checked) need to participate.

So what do I mean by participate? In a traditional genral strike, one withholds one's labor.  The occupists' general strike is the withholding of all economic participation! Don't spend or accept any money at all on November 2!!

Take the day off work unpaid; you will deny the government their tax revenue.

Don't buy anything at all (no beer, no potato chips, nothing); you will deny the corporations their revenues.

Wait a minute, what about the small business? Won't this hurt them more than the big corporations?

Well, they are part of the 99 also. I invite them to join the strike. Close their business for a day, give their employees an unpaid day off. Do their part to deny the government and their big corporate vendors their revenue.

In the meantime:


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  1. Viva Occupation!!!

    We care about our future in the name of peace and justice, tomorrow we will march for peace and will not buy a thing.


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