The day after; perhaps now it is time to act.

Just got to weigh in here. I think that Tump's election is something that we need to be concerned about. While I won't try to recap all of his short comings here, I think it is worth while to reflect on what his election means and what we should do going forward

We should not think the sky is falling. Let us take a wait and see approach. Maybe it is the curse of us oldsters but we have great experience in seeing things come and go.

Numerous republicans in the last couple of weeks have pointed out that candidates come and go, You know what? there is something in American politics that is more enduring then a political party and that is the American people.

I know that it is somewhat ironic to be extolling the virtues of the populace the day after a majority of them elected such a person to the presidency.

At any given time we (da pipl) may get it wrong. Over the long haul we get do a good job of getting it right. At one time owning slaves was the law of the land (Dredd Scott case); consensual sex between 2 males was illegal (Alabama sodomy laws). Even though it sometimes takes us a long time; we (da pipl) seem to eventually get it right.  Have faith in our inherent common sense.

I don't mean that we should idly sit back and say this too will pass, Quite the opposite. I'd like to quote that famous politician, Winston Churchill (although in a much different context):

"Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning."

One of the things that we can take away from yesterday is that there is a significant portion of the populace that took the "Never Trump" position and I think more importantly took a position against the point of view that he and his supporters represent. 

Now is the time to be vigilant. Now is the time to be proactive. Now is the time to nurture and grow this sentiment against the point of view that Trump and his supporters represent. 

The traditional parties have not served us well.  They are the ones who created this current system of inequality; how can we look to them to fix it.  Join an alternative party or form one of your own.

Contact your Senators and insist that they initiate the Supreme Court confirmation process for Garland.

Let us reach out and join hands with like minded people and build a society that respects equality (of all types) and encourages courage rather then a society that encourages fear and divisiveness.